Digital Infrastructure

The mission of the Digital Infrastructure (DI) department is to provide a sustainable infrastructure environment for (digital) humanities projects. The department has between 35 and 40 engineers working in teams focusing on text, structured & linked data, collections & archives, R&D and a small staff for planning and operations.

We provide hosting, development and support for a wide range of activities, ranging from several large €3-5M projects, to many smaller research projects. And from very local platforms for the research into the development of e.g. the Dutch golden age to large international consortia. The commitments we take on in the DI department can be either loosely or tightly integrated with our infrastructure but can always be maintained beyond the lifespan of the original project.

At the same time, our infrastructure is not limited to projects inside the academy. Our technology is fully CLARIAH compliant and compatible with all the major trans-national European infrastructure initiatives. CLARIAH is a project on the Dutch national roadmap for large-scale infrastructure and the Netherlands’ contribution to the European ESFRI infrastructures CLARIN and DARIAH. We are currently in the third phase of CLARIAH: between 2009 and 2013 we ran the CLARIN-NL infrastructure project; between 2013 and 2019 we were allowed to continue with CLARIAH CORE, which we finish this year and we are currently engaged with CLARIAH PLUS, a €14M grant which will run up till 2023/24. There are many partners in CLARIAH but the Royal Netherlands Academy for Arts and Sciences (KNAW) is the major contributor.

Management Staff

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