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Interface Design

Data from the humanities is often complex and difficult to interpret. We make this data accessible and understandable for researchers and for broader audiences. In this way, even users without domain knowledge or experience with complex queries can carry out their searches on the underlying datasets.

We specialise in user research, online usability, interface design, web publishing, data visualisation and project branding. In order to achieve the best possible end result, we are involved in a project at the earliest possible stage of a project.

Golden Agents interface voorbeelden
Golden Agents interface voorbeelden

The solutions we develop place the underlying data in the right context, making it easier to understand and use. A great deal of attention is paid to responsive design, so that the applications are accessible on different media — from tablets to widescreen monitors. Inclusiveness is also an important principle: wherever possible, our work is accessible to people with disabilities. In addition, we strive to make our designs as sustainable as possible. We work according to open source principles so that the application remains usable in the long term.


Bas Doppen, Design Officer (Pure)

Related Research Projects

  • Golden Agents A research infrastructure for studying the relationships and interactions between producers and consumers and between different branches of the creative industry in the Golden Age. Users can perform complex searches via the SPARQL code editor or via the user-friendly query builder with drop-down menus.
  • Dutch Prize Papers Virtual Research Environment (VRE) for searching and researching the 144,000 digitised documents captured from enemy ships by British privateers in the period 1652-1815.
  • The Art of Reasoning A virtual exhibition in which medieval handwriting is examined from a new angle: notes in the margin.

Publications and Presentations