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We build sustainable infrastructure
to foster innovative research
connecting people, data, and collections.

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Research cases

  • The plot as an atom of space

    "Geographical information is a fundamental part of humanities data." Speaking is Thomas Vermaut, developer and team leader of the geographical analysis expertise group which works on processing spatial data with digital infrastructure.

  • Does the HuC need to build national infrastructure?

    Menno Rasch has now been director of the KNAW Humanities Cluster’s Digital Infrastructure department for a while. He is convinced that his IT staff can have a major impact on research. But then successful collaboration within HuC must take shape outside the KNAW as well. Together we can always achieve more.


  • Text Analysis

    We have extensive experience with publishing different kinds of digital scholarly text collections. These include literary editions, correspondence catalogues, as well as historical manuscripts and linguistic collections.
  • Structured Data

    Data comes in many shapes and sizes. We carefully transform the data that are important for a project into a format that tools can work with.
  • Computer Vision

    Our main expertise in computer vision is the creation of searchable, full-text transcripts from historical manuscripts and printed sources.
  • Spatial Computing

    We develop methods to map and link different forms of geographical information.
  • Interface Design

    We specialise in user research, online usability, interface design, web publishing, data visualisation and project branding.
  • Infrastructure Services

    We provide a powerful, stable, secure, and multifunctional infrastructure for individual researchers, research projects, and collections.