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Research Projects

The Digital Infrastructure department of the KNAW Humanities Cluster supports researchers throughout the entire process of a research project in both planning and the management. This starts with the acquisition and consideration of the technical possibilities for a specific research project. We then work with the research team to realise the intended tools and websites. Finally, we take care of the management of the newly developed components. In doing so, we focus on sustainability: we use existing infrastructure as much as possible, we always share code as open source software, we adhere to international standards as much as possible, and we make management as efficient as possible.

Our developers all have a great affinity with humanities research. Most have years of experience working with research teams and a good understanding of existing tools. In this way, development time can be spent on innovation or expanding and improving existing tools.

For more information, please contact Arno Bosse (Manager, Funding & Partnerships) or Menno Rasch (Director DI).

Examples of our current and recently completed research projects include: