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Working with DI

The Digital Infrastructure department works together with researchers and is therefore always open to exploring new ideas and projects. We also like to apply existing solutions in new research projects.

Our research software engineers are specialists in their field and are happy to think along with you on how DI can contribute to your plans. Our Research and Funding Manager and the Grant Team will be happy to discuss funding or the technical side of the project with you. We strongly advise you to start these discussions as early as possible, when the first ideas are being formed, so that we, in turn, have an opportunity to offer the best possible service to you.

In addition, each institute within the Humanities Cluster has a institute coordinator DI who knows his/her way around DI and can point you in the right direction for a collaboration with DI.

Although DI was primarily set up to help researchers from the three HuC institutes, we of course also carry out projects in collaboration with other research organisations. Especially if these fit in with our existing projects and infrastructure.